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Full Stack SEO & Organic Performance Specialist, focused in sustainable growth and success of your business

Be First, Be Long, Be Last (Click)

Capturing the first, long, and last user clicks from SERPs represents our ultimate goal. This way, we stay in the leading ranking positions.

Holistic Search Experience Optimization* is the epicenter of our sustainable performance. It enables the growth of your organic visibility, traffic, and conversions using white hat tactics that are fully compliant with the guidelines of Google, Bing, and other organic channels (Reddit, GitHub, YouTube, etc.).

* Search Experience Optimization (abbr. SXO) is modern Search Engine Optimization (abbr. SEO) taking into account User Experience (UX), conversion journey analysis, and beyond.

Analytics & Reporting

There are so many ways you can improve your website, app, or game, but what exactly your users would really like? Data-driven approach, actionable recommendations, and flawless implementation lead to the growth of conversions and profit. We offer Analytics & Reporting solutions based on Google Analytics, Google Looker Studio, Google Tag Manager, and Google BigQuery implementation, from initial setup and data validation to custom audiences and advanced tracking of user engagement, and efficient reporting automation solutions. 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Let's increase organic rankings, installs, and user retention metrics for your apps and games. Our constant and ultimate goal is to acquire high lifetime value users for your app(s) and game(s) with the help of marketplace-compliant ASO* tactics.

* App Store Optimization (abbr. ASO) = Mobile App SEO, App Store SEO, App Store Marketing.

Wikipedia Help

Professional help with new or existing Wikipedia page copywriting, editing, publishing, and monitoring. We have in-depth experience in all Wikipedia-related activities. It has very high acceptance criteria for new entities and strict, but clear enough content guidelines. Let's discuss if you personally and/or your business may get SEO/SXO, Search Appearance, Knowledge Graph, Semantic Web, Branding, and/or many other benefits from being featured in Wikipedia.

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2022 (October) - Present
SEO/SXO Team Lead,

We're all about data. Smartproxy kicked off as a self-service-based proxy infrastructure, offering transparently sourced residential, mobile, and datacenter IPs worldwide. Today, having 50M+ proxies and a bunch of powerful web scraping solutions in our product portfolio, we aim to become the leading web data gathering platform and dominate the data-as-a-service market. We have served more than 50K users: Fortune 500 companies and solopreneurs alike find just what they need with us!

2021 (July) - 2022 (October)
SEO Team Lead,

Ensuring state of the art presence and performance in the organic search results globally, and now also leading that famously awesome SEO Team.

2021 - 2021 (June)
SEO Manager,

My small yet important part is to seek and ensure state of the art presence and performance in the organic search globally.

Oxylabs® is the leading force in the global proxy market.

2019 - 2021
SEO Manager,
Olympic Entertainment Group™ (OEG)

Olympic Entertainment Group® which is leading provider of gaming services in the Baltic States, operates land-based casinos in Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Italy, and OlyBet® online casinos in Baltic States, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, and other countries. 

2018 - 2019
Digital Marketing Engineer,
Lirema™ Clinics

Digital Marketing Engineering at Lirema® Eye Surgery Clinics Chain in Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, and other countries.

2017 - 2018
SEO / ASO Lead,
Foodout™ Group

Lead SEO / ASO at local food delivery service and mobile app in Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Belarus and Ukraine (Eda.ua).

2015 - 2016
SEO Specialist / Technical SEO,
Evolvery™ Performance Agency

Working with web projects of various sizes, types and languages, as well as directly consulting clients, partners and co-workers in Evolvery®'s (former SEM.LT) different teams.
Specialising in technical and engineering SEO, SEO audits, website migrations of various complexity, structured data and rich snippets implementations, web analytics and overall, all things digital performance marketing.

2010 - Present
SEO & Analytics Consultant

I help people to grow their online businesses. We develop, promote, and optimize their Web or App projects for efficient organic visibility, customer experience, and sales.

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Breaking through the labyrinth in a straight way, or simply - Growth Hacking
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“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.”

Sean Ellis

The famous term “growth hacking” was invented by Sean Ellis, he used it for the first time in his blog article on July 26, 2010.

Skills and priorities in a professional life

Every single day brings so much new to learn and envision. Time and priorities can be limiting factors, but they also help us focus. Prioritizing tasks that impact success over those that are merely enjoyable can be challenging yet essential. It is my greatest pleasure in life when these two align.

High-Performance Mindset
Growth Hacking
Organic Channel Optimization
Holistic SEO / SXO
Semantic Web & Search
AI Assistants
SEO / SXO Engineering
App Store Optimization (ASO)
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Web Analytics & Reporting
Web Development

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Certifications, courses, and all that jazz

Some say you can discern someone’s professional preferences and priorities by looking at their education, qualifications, and certificates.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
Google ∙ Issued Aug 2014 ∙ Credential ID 02835241
Technical SEO Certification
SEMrush ∙ Issued Sep 2018 ∙ Credential ID 9a91a11dda5ffd5
Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
Google Analytics Academy ∙ Completed Jul 2015 ∙ Certificate
Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
Google Analytics Academy ∙ Completed Sep 2014 ∙ Certificate
Making Sense of Data
Google ∙ Completed Apr 2014 ∙ Certificate
Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
Google Analytics Academy ∙ Completed Jul 2014 ∙ Certificate
Google Analytics Platform Principles
Google Analytics Academy ∙ Completed Mar 2014 ∙ Certificate
Analytics Advanced
Digital Academy ∙ Completed Feb 2013 ∙ Certificate
Digital Analytics Fundamentals
Google Analytics Academy ∙ Completed Oct 2013 ∙ Certificate
Matt Cutts (Google)
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Maile Ohye (Google)
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What They Say

Andrius Rimkunas (Bruno). CEO/Founder at Monimoto

We met Justinas few years ago when I was looking for SEO specialist to optimize ELDES website. The task was very complex one, included many target countries, and multilingual content. I was fascinated by his patience and determination - that huge task was broken into small logical parts, projected and, of course, overcome. [...] Source

Andrius Bruno Rimkunas
Co-Founder & Business Developer, Monimoto

Some of my truly awesome clients, partners, and new friends who trusted me with their projects at one time or another.

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